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items for trade/sale

You'll find all my stuff (200 items from The Cure + some Suede CD5 + few others) online at , see my catalog there or
Payment with sign on and earn $5 from the balance/bank account (only! - no credit cards, sorry), I can also accept (US) money orders (to be sent to a friend in California), Euros cash, other methods to be negotiated (within Germany/Europe there are more options).

I DO accept and PREFER trades! (see my wantlist below)

and some notes about postage ...

my Wantlist

... this is not meant to be complete - if you want to get rid of things or like to make a suggestion for a trade, don't hesitate to ask. Keep in mind that I'm not interested in any cdrs (neither live shows nor copies of rare Cure songs) or mp3s. Also I'm not selling any cdrs, but I'm ok to trade live cdrs for tickets, promo posters and flats, postcards, records of any kind ... trades are always strongly preferred. My price offers (if given) are for items in perfect condition
rare official records
flexiLament red complete w/ magUK make offer
(original) unofficial records (NO CDR crap)
xCDArabian Dream, Carnage Demos, Complete B-Side Collection 1979-89 (first version with black on blue cd), Dreaming, Glastonbury Festival (90), It's in the Mix Vol.2, London 1991 (live storm label), More then Rare (second version with full height inlay), Sweet Talking Guy (version exactly like on my page, compare booklet), The 1985 European Tour (live storm label), The Cure (Domashnyaya Kollyektseeya - 12 album version), The Cure Live (Australian SW label), The Dream Tour (Vienna), The Funeral Party Now Began, The Singles and Remixes 1999, The Walk (Sarabandas/On Stage with booklet inlay), Unauthorised Cured Vol.2, Unauthorised Cured/Incurable Vol.3, Unauthorised Live Vol.1 (white cover), Unauthorised Live Vol.2 make offer
xLPCold, Why Don't You Cry?, La Belle June (white box complete with black t-shirt only) make offer
other stuff, concert and promo posters and flats, postcards, ... make offer
MY postcards and tickets for trade
pca lot of postcards for trade... sell for
$2+ each
ticsParis 25-04-00 ticket and Paris 00 VIP folder, Zillo '02 (blue and red one, also '01 tickets available, these were probably used as 1 day tickets in '02 ('01 dates and price is blacked out))... trade only

and some notes about postage ...

German postal services are a bit different ...

... see the complete details for letter package and small package rate, this results in
surface Europe
(2-14 days)
airmail Europe
(1-5 days)
surface World
(3-6 weeks)
economy World
(1-4 weeks)
airmail World
(5-8 days)
up to 50g
1 CD w/o case
up to 100g
1 MCD / digipak
up to 250g
1-2 CD
up to 500g
3-4 CD / 1 LP
up to 750g
5-6 CD / 2 LP
up to 1000g
7-8 CD / 3 LP
up to 1500g
9-12 CD / 4 LP
up to 2000g
13-16 CD / 6LP
economy packages are often sent as fast as airmail, though of course I can't promise.

Registered mail (insured up to about $35) is available for +2.05 for any of the above. Insurance for higher values is available for most of the above for +2.05 fee +0.77 for each $100 (this is NOT available for packages to USA! but for most other countries - insurance to USA is much more expensive (totally different rates, ask for details))

Book rate is available for magazines and books, is about $4.10 for each 1000g, takes 1-2 weeks within Europe, 5-6 weeks worldwide.

Any questions? Don't hesitate to ask - you can find the exact prices and additional info at the Deutsche Post (German postal services).

My Collection

My (searchable) list of official items (a lot of books and some other stuff to be added)

My (searchable) list of unauthorised recordings

inserts for unauthorised recordings

universal cover generator
for unauthorised recordings

for trade / wanted items

My postcard doubles are on my postcard site. All other items I have for trade (books, stickers, posters, ...) are linked to on the left side.

I don't have a complete want list, just offer anything you want to get rid of, trades preferred. Please make only reasonable offers, thanks.

I'm also ok to trade live shows on cdr for ticket stubs (at least one cdr per stub, more for older stubs), postcards I don't have yet (also at least one per card), calendars (3 cdr for each calendar I don't have yet), and official items.

If you want to trade with me, feel free to contact me with your offer.

Please DON'T ask for buying stuff on cdr, I won't do it.

Feel free to check out my feedback at eBay and stiff as toys feedback forum (1st, 2nd and 3rd one).

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