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Universal Cover Generator

© stefan 03+04/2002. This script is set up for The Cure, but can be used for any inlays you may need. This piece of software is free for personal use, it's not allowed to be used for commercial purposes. If you want to donate something for the use of this software, feel free to send me any amount with sign on and earn $5 (non credit card source only). If you don't use sign on and earn $5, please donate to whomever you think will need it.

Printing inlays will only work with browsers that support CSS with printing! Settings are optimized for Internet Explorer, other browser's results may not be really useful.

Select a tour or choose "--empty--" and provide URLs for all needed images below

Select a show, adjust everything you want, and finally

If you print the resulting page, every inlay should be printed on a separate sheet. If size isn't correct or if there's anything else wrong, please let me know.
You may want to install the fonts found at curiosity.de to get the best results.

Do I have to adjust this value? and other frequently asked questions
Name:Name and date (if given) will appear on the spine and also on the front inlays (can be deselected below)
separate song titles by semi colons (;) - for more Cure setlists take a look at the excellent The Cure Concerts Guide
Disc 1:
Disc 2:
Disc 3:
print Inlay
Picture URL (front):

 don't add Name and Date on Inlay
Picture URL (inside - no titles if given):

print Back
Picture URL:

 don't add Setlist on Back
print Front for thick 2/3 cd boxes
Picture URL:

 don't add Name and Date on Inlay
Band logo (will appear on spine)
Picture URL: (don't worry if the aspect ratio looks wrong here)

 don't add Logo on spine
Everything's right? So  to get the preview and print with your browser's printing function. Don't worry if anything looks crinkled, it won't look like that when you print it.

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