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Welcome to my cure ticket gallery ...
I'm always interested in getting any Cure tickets,
trade for live shows or postcards I have for trade is fine.

Tickets and Passes at A Foolish Arrangement
'My Concert Tickets .....' (and links to other ticket resources) at Candide's Cure Site

If you have tickets online (or for trade/sale) and want to be included in this link list, please let me know.

Many thanks to all people who helped me with this collection (trades, providing scans, ...):
Alexander, Andre, Andreas, Andrew, Carlos, Carol, Carsten, Charles, Christian G., Christian S., Colder, Dayna, Deb, Dennis, Dominic, Easyfred, Emily, Eric, Fabrice, Falken, Greg, Henrik, Jeffrey, Jessica, Jim, Jon, Kai, Laura, Leonard, Lisa, M., Marc N., Mark C., Martin, Oliver, Olivier, Peter, Rainer, Raul, Raymond, Sailor, Sam, Tigger, Uyea, Warholy, Wolfram
special thanks to:
Angie, Candide, Jean, Jette

The Gallery


The Kissing Tour 1987 The Prayer Tour 1989 Wish Tour '92 The Swing Tour '96 Summer Festivals '98 Dream Tour promo shows and European Tour Dream Tour US Tour, Werchter and Australian Tour '84+'85+'90+'91+'93+'95+'97+'01