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These are the links I found to be most beautiful ... (always under construction)

Everyday Needs

CoF News - More Than This Forum - (recent buy now items) - recent buy/sell/trade @ SaTaTaM

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... some nice online record shops around the world ...
Directory of Record shops in the UK (HUGE list - see also and Ring of Record Resellers
Cure at MusicStack (be aware, you get MANY hits)
Cure at Esprit International Limited (many rare items, but very expensive)
Cure Posters, Photos, T-Shirts, Tourbooks, Calendars at Push Posters

Wild Mood Swing Toys

DO NOT PAY exagerrated prices for these common chinese toys, the links I used to have, no longer exist. If you know online shops who have the toys, please let me know

Tour Dates

The Cure Concerts Guide
the ultimate site for tour dates, thanks to Andreas for his excellent work
also includes info on TV and FM appearances
More or less accurate info on early recordings, demos, radio/tv appearances:
An Early Reflection in The Upstairs Room (also has a complete perfomance list)
Demos and Sessions on A Foolish Arrangement (has some other nice stuff, too)

General Sites

Stiff As Toys And Tall As Men - has nearly everything you ever searched for
A Site Like This - song inspirations, london promo ticket (bf section), (mp3?)
Pretending to Swim - stories and other stuff


Discography on the Stiff As Toys Site - probably the most complete
Never Enough - a French site with very rare records not found in the above mentioned sites


'standard' lyrics are found on Stiff As Toys and Torture
Lyrics To Faith - additional lyrics from live performances of Faith
Song Influences, some more


Reviews on New Day
Scans of many Tourbooks at A Foolish Arrangement


The well known fromMintCure
fonts and other things on the strangest twist upon your lips