Pleasure fills up my dreams

Welcome to my Cure calendar gallery ...
I'm always interested in getting calendars I don't have yet
(all but Danilo 89,91,93,94,96, Culture Shock 92-94, Oliver Books 95,96,99-01),
I have a Danilo 93 calendar for trade, trade for live shows, postcards, ... is also possible.

Move over a thumbnail to see (25 dpi) pictures of the corresponding front and back of the calendar (JavaScript has to be enabled), click on a thumbnail to get a (50 dpi) picture of the back.

Many thanks to Angie for providing the digicam pics of Danilo 87,88,90-92,95, Culture Shock 88-90, and Oliver Books 97,98 calendars :) - and thanks to Linda for the Culture Shock 91 front pic.

If you know of any other calendar, please let me know

The Gallery

Danilo/Brockum distributed by Landmark/Sterling
878889909191 (diff)9293949596
Culture Shock
Oliver Books